The Six-Figure Second Income

If you want business theory or the latest, hottest “game changer” gimmick then this book is not for you. Instead, we’ve purposefully written the book for the following type of person:

  • You like the idea of making money online but have no idea how to start;
  • You’re running way low on time—in fact you don’t even have time for the stuff already going on in your life. Therefore any solution better take extremely little time;
  • You’re sick and tired of snake-oil salesmen pitching the next “sure thing” Internet money-making bandwagon they want you to jump on. They make it sound so easy to get rich, but there must be a catch. You just don’t have the time to find it.

That’s why our book starts out discussing 10 giant “Keep Out!” signs on the road to your online business success. We call them the “False Barriers” and we address each one:

  • “I’m too old/I’m too young.”
  • “I don’t have enough money.”
  • “I don’t have enough time.”
  • “It’s a bad economy.”
  • “All the really good ideas are taken.”
  • “I’m too small to compete against the big guys.”
  • “I’m no good with computers.”
  • “There’s too much competition.”
  • “I’m not educated enough.”
  • “Someone will steal my idea.”

Even more important are the “6 disabling and very real dangers to your online business success which we then look at, one by one.

Once both the real and perceived barriers are out of the way, we discuss the nuts and bolts of creating a quick and profitable product. We tackle another set of statements that swirl inside the heads of entrepreneurs:

  • “I must have a fortress to protect my idea from knock-off artists.”
  • “I must reach millions of people.”
  • “I want to be famous.”
  • “I want to be as rich as King Midas from the first invention of mine.”
  • “I need to invent something revolutionary.”
  • “Inventions are things that are manufactured in factories.”

We then get down to the nitty gritty of precisely how to pick your first product. Once you answer our 8 specific questions, you’re highly likely to have a good product in mind. Now it’s time to create it with the very least time and money. We explain the 3 steps you should follow to create the content for your product. As an additional aid, we hand you literally 42 different formats you can use to deliver your information. It’s highly likely that several of them will fit your product just right.

Once your product is ready it’s time to get open for business. We give you the 7 building blocks to creating a money-making website. It’s all the stuff that scares most people away, except we take all the “Boo” out of it, including:

  • How to find a good domain name
  • How to get website hosting
  • Easy ways to get your site designed
  • How to accept money on the Web, including some almost-instant techniques
  • The ins and outs of effective email systems (Hint: Don’t even think of using Outlook, Gmail or other common email tools!)

We also discuss realistic ways to get the work done FOR you by someone else.

Then it’s time to get people to your website:

  • We expose 4 myths most marketers believe about getting people to their site, and why they’re tragically wrong.
  • You get 15 excellent, proven sources for leads

Once you have leads, the goal is to turn them into buyers of your product or service. We address 7 deadly mistakes people make when trying to turn prospects into buyers and how to avoid each one.

We get into the heads of your potential buyers with our 8 “Money Questions”: Once you answer these questions, your product can’t NOT sell.

By this point we’ve covered a lot of ground, but it’s only the beginning of your profit machine. We talk about the 4 Key Tips for building profitable relationships through email.

We definitely take the time to examine 3 absolutely crucial steps to engineering an ever-upward profit spiral. Most people have no clue what they are and even fewer are implementing them.

Finally we discuss the “I” Factor. Without understanding this key ingredient (a word that’s 14 letters long), you might as well not bother doing anything else in this book. Fortunately, this ingredient is definitely within your reach.

There you have it. Where else will you find such condensed and candid advice for the price of a large pepperoni pizza?