Ready for some straight talk?

Most people aren’t, you know. In our decidedly unscientific polling, here’s how it breaks down:

5% of people make things happen,
20% of people watch things happen, and
75% of people wonder what happened.

Many people in that bottom 95% are looking for a Silver Bullet or a Magic Button they can use to make big money with no work and no risk. How unrealistic.

On the other hand, it’s just as unrealistic and fruitless to believe that “I’ll never make good money because (fill in the blank with favorite excuse).”

Success online is not a matter of finding a Silver Bullet and it’s also not a matter of scaling Mt. Everest. It’s a straightforward process of following step-by-step procedures that other people have tested and found to work.

We therefore have some bad news and good news for you. The bad news is that merely buying this book will not make you financially free. You’ll have to read it and follow the instructions. That also relates to the good news: You won’t need any large hunks of time, nor luck, nor leaps of faith to make it work. You simply need to apply the clear steps in the logical order and you should see results, even in this tough economy.

Our system isn’t “too good to be true”. It’s just honest, direct advice about how to start where you are today—challenges and all—and how to build a web-based income stream you can be proud of.

Dave Lindahl and Jon Rozek