About the Authors

David Lindahl
Dave was born in Abington, Massachusetts in August, 1963. Starting out as a rock-band singer and struggling landscaper with no experience in construction, Dave accepted an opportunity to renovate a foreclosed house for a local bank during the winter when there was no landscaping to do in Boston. After completing the first house, he did another. After getting over his initial fears, Dave began to buy and hold commercial properties and other types of real estate for himself.

Within 14 months, Dave’s investments created spendable cash flow of $10,300 a month for himself and his family. Within three and a half years, Dave became a multi-millionaire.

Over the course of 21 years in business, Dave has owned or been a partner of 11 businesses in both the “bricks and mortar” and the information-marketing variety. In fact, his info-products business quickly became a seven-figure second income: He ran it at the same time that he was involved full-time with building a real estate portfolio of many dozens of transactions across the U.S., representing more than $221 million of real estate.

Dave is living proof that no matter how successful your “day job” is, you can still supplement that income with an information-products business around the edges.

Jonathan Rozek
Jon was born in Boulder Colorado in 1958. After graduating first in his class in high school he went to Harvard College, where he was named a “Harvard Scholar”. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in Ancient Chinese from Harvard College, where he studied French, Russian, and Chinese simultaneously.

Jon later spent 20 years in small and large companies in analysis and marketing roles. He analyzed more than 3,000 investment opportunities—in other words, his job was to find the strengths and flaws in 3,000 “sure thing” proposals. (A lot like finding the pros and cons in “sure thing” info-marketing techniques these days.)

Later Jon testified before Congress investment-related issues and aided both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate on securities reform.

Having had enough of the corporate world (topic for another book?), Jon became a consultant to businesses across America, Europe, and Asia. In recent years, Jon has specialized in creating profitable promotions for information-marketing and “bricks and mortar” businesses. He's written and guided three books to Amazon #1 world-wide best-seller status, and has written or ghostwritten a total of nine books: two of the books were for individual billionaires and two were for multi-billion-dollar companies.